Strain Profile: Blue Moscow

Blue Moscow is considered a medicinal strain because it comprises 18% THC and 5% CBD. It’s quite uncommon to find this type of THC:CBD ratio because medicinal strains usually have either a 1:1 ratio, or barely contain any THC. Blue Moscow carries 50% indica and 50% sativa genes, together producing versatile highs, spanning from imaginative contemplations to physical sedation. The sweet berry fragrances accompany the forest-like aromas in perfect symphony.

Blue Moscow develops beautiful colors during the late stages of flowering. Blue and purplish hues ornament the acid-green buds sprinkled with a delicious coat of crystals. It’s a very short strain; Blue Moscow reaches a maximum of 100cm, unless some freaky phenotype appears. The flowering period lasts for 55–65 days, making it suitable for colder climates.

Source: Cannabis Connection

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